ISFFH Q & A with Director Alexander Bruckner

Alexander Bruckner won Best Foreign Language Drama for his film “Onatah.” in
the 2013 International Student Film Festival Hollywood (ISFFH) and we had the opportunity to have a Q & A interview with him recently and learn some more about him and where he got the inspiration for his film.


ISFFH: Tell me about yourself and what drives your creativity.

Alexander Bruckner: The inner drive to touch people’s emotions and thoughts by telling a visual story.

ISFFH: Where do you find inspiration?

Alexander Bruckner: Everyday life, history, photographs, theater, music, sunsets, paintings and old movies.

ISFFH: Tell me about your film and where you got the idea for it.

Alexander Bruckner: The idea came up as the issue on hand was omnipresent. Society was ready to acknowledge that school medicine is not always the best solution. Sometimes all that is needed is love & affection.

ISFFH: How do you describe your filmmaking process?

Alexander Bruckner: Research, preparation, communication, motivation, dreaming & believing .

ISFFH: What are the biggest obstacles for you in your filmmaking progress?

Alexander Bruckner: Of course financing is always hard work. I think what many filmmakers tend to forget is that a good movie needs a great pr (marketing) department (the sooner they are involved, the better). If you want your art to be seen, you have to get it out there!

 ISFFH: Who is the audience you wrote the film for?

Alexander Bruckner: Parents from all over the world, but also for kids aged 12 & up.

ISFFH: What message do you want people to take away after seeing your film?

Alexander Bruckner: Spend more time with your children, get to know them & give them the love and security they need.

ISFFH: What do you consider the elements of a good film?

Alexander Bruckner: Story, Photography, editing, music, actors. Oh, did I mention story yet? 😉

ISFFH: What advice do you have for fellow student filmmakers?

Alexander Bruckner:  Never give up! Too cheesy?  -> Live Free, Live Film!

ISFFH: What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Alexander Bruckner:  My goal is to be able to make a living for my family & me with the work I love to do.  To improve my chances I want to move to a country with a bigger movie industry than we have here in Austria, so maybe England, France, Germany or maybe even California.  Another goal would be to direct my first feature film within those next 10 years.

ISFFH: Any final words you want to share?

Alexander Bruckner:  Live Free. Live Film! 😉

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