A Message from the President

The world is filled with new artistic genius waiting for a vehicle; waiting with artistic vision for a moment of recognition. We are dedicated to discovering and celebrating new artists, their talents and gifts. Where else better than here in Hollywood, world capitol of the film arts?

Welcome to the International Student Film Festival Hollywood.

The world is divided by politics, ideology and culture. Through the common language of the film arts, we bridge the separations and share our common humanity. We share a global community with all who bring artistic vision to life in film. This is the vision that drives our work. Our sole mission is to bring together the best student filmmakers in the world to celebrate their creativity and love of film.

Consequently; I am kindly inviting you to join with me in this remarkable project. Your support and hospitality are invaluable to our success.

I especially Thank God for the inspiration in this project and thank the members of the community, sponsors, and staff for sharing my vision. Special thanks to the participating student filmmakers who believe in presenting their vision with ISFFH in making this event possible.

We are artists without borders.
International Student Film Festival Hollywood