ISFFH Winners 2013


2013 ISFFH Winners

Congratulations to all of the ISFFH participants!
You are the future of the industry.

present trauma

Grand Jury Award

Mark D. Manalo

from USC, USA

for “Present Trauma”

Written by Jeff Chanley

 Our World still

Best Drama

Juan Francisco Pérez Villalba

from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

For “Our World”


Written by Juan Francisco Pérez Villalba

 The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain

Best Action

Gui Pereira

from The Art Institute of California, USA

for “The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain”


Written by Gui Pereira

 the tale of baku

Best Animation

Lorena Salas Reyes

from Sheridan College, Canada

for “Tale of Baku”


Written by Lorena Salas Reyes

 in passing

Best Comedy

Alan Miller

from USC, USA

for “In Passing”


Written by Alan Miller

 dont speak at funerals

Best Dark Comedy

Montserrat Gomez

from Vancouver Film School, Canada

for “Don’t Speak at Funerals”


Written by Alonso A. Aguilar

 breathe life

Best Documentary

Matthew Jekowsky

from Chapman University, USA

for “Breathe Life”


Written by Matthew Jekowsky

 The Clown

Best Fantasy

Ping-Wen Wang

from Loyola Marymount University, USA

for “The Clown”


Written by Ping-Wen Wang and Tasha Henderson


Best Psychological / Thriller

Gabby Egito

from New York Film Academy, USA

for “Stuffed”


Written by Gabby Egito

 What Comes From Within

Best Horror / Thriller

Alex Aronson

from Syracuse University, USA

for “What Comes From Within”


Written by Alex Aronson

 leaving earth

Best Sci-Fi

Joshua Marcus Lester

from University of Colorado, USA

for “Leaving Earth”


Written by Joshua Lester and Thomas Sapin


Best Foreign Language Drama

Alexander Bruckner

from Donau University Krems, Austria

for “Onatah”


Written by Philip Aleksiev


Best Foreign Language Animation

Shih-Chieh Hung

from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

for “Watch”


Written by Shih-Chieh Hung

 the dandelion

Best Foreign Language Comedy

Alexandre Drouet and Sophie-Clémentine Dubois

from INSAS, Belgium

for “The Dandelion”


Written by Sophie-Clémentine Dubois


Best Foreign Language Action

Daniel Rübesam

from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany



Written by Alexander Tsukernyk and Daniel Rübesam


Best Foreign Language High School Drama

Tal Vakselblat

from Nofey Golan, Israel

for “Screen of Lies”


Written by Tal Vakselblat and Aviv Ifrah


Best Foreign Language Junior High School Musical

Ori Ben Ari

from Alon, Israel

for “Take Three”


Written by Ori Ben Ari

 Difference of Opinion

Best High School Experimental

Maria Alvarez

from Beachwood High School, USA

for “Difference of Opinion”


Written by Maria Alvarez

 that guy

Best High School Comedy

Sam Gunn

from Oak Park High School, USA

for “That Guy”


Written by Sam Gunn


Best High School Dark-Comedy

Olivia DeLaurentis

from Agoura High School. USA

for “Lovechild”


Written by Olivia DeLaurentis

 the brother

Best High School Drama

Michael Stevantoni

from Carihi Secondary School, Canada

for “The Brother”


Written by Michael Stevantoni and Diana Stevan

 earth watcher

Best High School Sci-Fi

Ivan Li

from HKUGA College, Hong Kong

for “Earth Watcher”


Written by Ivan Li

 Fresh Tracks Still 1

Best High School Documentary

Jonathan Kang and Trevor Clelland

from Heritage Woods Secondary, Canada

for “Fresh Tracks”


Written by Jonathan Kang

 They Lied Photo

Best High School PSA

Emily Hilton and Megan Hilton

from Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, USA

for “They Lied”


Written by Emily Hilton

 sick day

Best Junior High School Music Video

Hermilio Rubio and Matthew Wooten

from Lakewood Christian Middle School, USA

for “Sick Day”


Written by Lakewood Christian Schools Song Writing Class

 out of order

Best Junior High School Comedy

Xander Lawson and Jeremy Basset

from Millikan Middle School, USA

for “Out of Order”


Written by Xander Lawson


Best Junior High School Dark Comedy

Charles Blecker

from SF Art & Film for Teenagers, USA

for “Epitaph”


Written by Charles Blecker


Best Junior High School Silent Film

Michael Ghadban and Tyler Colvin

from Millikan Middle School, USA

for “Slenderman”


Written by Michael Ghadban

 the batchelor bourne

Best Junior High School Documentary

Carmen LaBella and Jacob Wisniewski

from Lora Batchelor Middle School, USA

for The Batchelor / Bourne Exchange: Friends for Life


Written by Tanner Gilpin and Carmen LaBella