Grand Jury Award
Bianca Ansems
from NFTS, United Kingdom
for “Playing Ghost”

Written by Catriona MacLean

Best Drama
Dan Van Wert

from Temple University, USA
for “Controlled Burn”

Written by Dan Van Wert

Best Children Drama
Venkat Krishnan
from Loyola Marymount University, USA
for “Remission of Sins

Written by Venkat Krishnan

Best Silent Film
David Beier
from USC, USA
for “The Silver Baron”

Written by David Beier

Best Fantasy
Juan Riedinger
from Vancouver Film School, Canada
for “Growing Up Julianne”

Written by Nuno Soler

Best Dark Comedy
Brad Crowe
from USC, USA
for “Potter’s Field”

Written by Brad Crowe

Best Psychological/Thriller
Christopher Fernandez
from Chapman University, USA
for “Beneath”

Written by Christopher Fernandez

Best Suspense/Thriller 
Keenan Mock
for “Boden’s Mate”

Written by Keenan Mock

Best Horror/Thriller
Dane Mccusker
from UTS, Australia
for “Reception”

Written by Jasper Marlow

Best Best Sci-Fi
Luke Hartvigsen
from University of Utah, USA
for “Eden”

Written by Luke Hartvigsen

Best Experimental
Sarah R. Lotfi
from University of Colorado, USA
for “Waking Eyes”

Written by Sarah R. Lotfi

Best Foreign Language Drama
Karzan Kader
from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sweden for “Bekas”

Written by Karzan Kader and Piotr Marciniak

Best Foreign Language Documentary
Muhammad Refaat
from University of Cairo, Egypt
for “The Kingdom”

Written by Muhammad Refaat

Best Foreign Language High School
Romantic Comedy
Avi Yehielov
from Atidem Or Akiva, Israel
for “Victory”

Written by Avi Yehielov

Best Foreign Language High School Drama
Moran Kleper
from Hadera High School, Israel
for “A Breath of Hope”

Written by Idan Rosenblueth and Moran Kleper

Best High School Animation
Kaya Ogmen
from Heritage Woods Secondary, Canada
for “The Chinchilla’s Mirror”

Written by Kaya Ogmen

Best High School Comedy
Austin Irving and Gigi Evans
from Grant High School, USA 
for “The Last Cup of Noodles”

Best High School Romantic Comedy
Olivia DeLaurentis
from Agoura High School, USA 

Written by Olivia DeLaurentis

Best High School Drama
Kevin Rieg
from Redondo Beach High School, USA 
for “How Could She”

Written by Kieran Newton and Jon Paul Hart

Best High School Experimental 
Cosmo Scharf
from The Beacon School, USA 
for “The Polaroid”

Written by Jared Rosenthal and Cosmo Scharf

Best High School Music Video 
Jared Harris and Basim Shakah
from Calabasas High School, USA 
for “Withered Hope”

Written by Jared Harris

Best High School Documentary
Brian Ryu and Danielle Jacobs
from The Hotchkiss School, USA 
for “My Flag”

Best High School PSA 
Nick Aminosharei
from Heritage Woods Secondary, Canada 
for “Texting While Driving”

Written by Nick Aminosharei

Best Junior High School Suspense/Thriller
Michael Stevantoni
from Ecole Phoenix, Canada 
for “CIPHER”

Written by Martin Lancaster and Michael Stevantoni

Best Junior High School Horror/Thriller
Andrew Torbenson and Bailee Koi
from Lora Batchelor Middle School, USA 
for “Monster in the Closet II”

Written by Maddy Newquist

Best Junior High School PSA
Cody Crljen and Noah LaBarba
from Lakewood Christian Middle School, USA 
for “Jog-A-Thon”

Best Junior High School Documentary 
Gabe Wheeler and Isaiah Baker
from Lora Batchelor Middle School , USA 
for “B-TV Media Collaboration”

Written by Gabe Wheeler and Isaiah Baker

Best Elementary School Animation 
PK Keith
from Media Enrichment Academy, USA 
for “Alphabet Adventures”

Written by PK Keith

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