Edward Asner Hands out Awards at the 9th Annual ISFFH


The 9th Annual International Student Film Festival Hollywood (ISFFH) closed with Edward Asner handing out the awards to student filmmakers who had gathered from around the world. The awards ceremony was held on Sunday, November 6, 2011 in the Beverly Garland Theater at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn in the NoHo Arts District of North Hollywood.  More than 28 awards were presented to the top filmmakers this year. Entries came from the United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa, Poland, Israel, India, Germany, France, Egypt, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia and the USA.

One of the most honored actors in the history of television, Edward Asner received the 2011 ISFFH Lifetime Achievement Award. A man passionate about not only his career as an actor, but also an advocate for human rights, world peace, political freedom and more issues, Edward Asner spoke from his heart to the audience. He encouraged them to pursue their dreams and their careers, but reminded them to not get caught up in themselves, and to always remember the people around them.

Jeff Rudkin, a teacher from Lora Batchelor Middle School in Bloomington, Indiana was the recipient of the 2011 ISFFH Award of Excellence for his work with young student filmmakers. Mr. Rudkin and his middle school students having been traveling the world while learning the art of film.

ISFFH 2011 awards were Best Elementary School Animation: Alphabet Adventures Directed by PK Keith; Best Junior High School Documentary: B-TV Media Collaboration Directed by Gabe Wheeler and Isaiah Baker; Best Junior High School PSA: Jog-A-Thon Directed by Cody Crljen and Noah LaBarba; Best Junior High School Horror/Thriller: Monster in the Closet II Directed by Andrew Torbenson and Bailee Koi; Best Junior High School Suspense/Thriller: CIPHER Directed by Michael Stevantoni; Best High School PSA: Texting While Driving Directed by Nick Aminosharei; Best High School Documentary: My Flag Directed by Brian Ryu and Danielle Jacobs; Best High School Music Video: Withered Hope Directed by Jared Harris and Basim Shakah; Best High School Experimental: The Polaroid Directed by Cosmo Scharf; Best High School Drama: How Could She Directed by Kevin Rieg; Best High School Romantic Comedy: HUMANIZED Directed by Olivia DeLaurentis; Best High School Comedy: The Last Cup of Noodles Directed by Austin Irving and Gigi Evans; Best High School Animation: The Chinchilla’s Mirror Directed by Kaya Ogmen; Best Foreign Language High School Drama: A Breath of Hope Directed by Moran Kleper; Best Foreign Language High School Romantic Comedy: Victory Directed by Avi Yehielov; Best Foreign Language Documentary: The Kingdom Directed by Muhammad Refaat; Best Foreign Language Drama: Bekas Directed by Karzan Kader; Best Experimental: Waking Eyes Directed by Sarah R. Lotfi; Best Sci-Fi: Eden Directed by Luke Hartvigsen; Best Horror/Thriller: Reception Directed by Dane Mccusker; Best Suspense/Thriller: Boden’s Mate Directed by Keenan Mock; Best Psychological/Thriller: Beneath Directed by Christopher Fernandez; Best Dark Comedy: Potter’s Field Directed by Brad Crowe; Best Fantasy: Growing Up Julianne Directed by Juan Riedinger; Best Silent Film: The Silver Baron Directed by David Beier; Best Children Drama: Remission of Sins Directed by Venkat Krishnan; Best Drama: Controlled Burn Directed by Dan Van Wert; Grand Jury Award: Playing Ghost Directed by Bianca Ansems.

Congratulations to all of the ISFFH participants! You are the future of the industry.

The ISFFH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of filmmakers, please visit the ISFFH website for more information on this important event and to support the festival www.isffhollywood.org

We thank the following sponsors for supporting the next generation of filmmakers. American Building Supply, Wells Fargo, CRA/LA, CISCorp, Marilyn Bradbury, Rotary Club of Studio City and Sherman Oaks, Gloria and Lou Weintraub, Creative Handbook, Actors Certified Training, Footage Firm, Video Blocks, CaliforniaExploration.com, LA411, Turkla.com, Movie Magic, and NoHoArtsDistrict.com.

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