Calling All Student Filmmakers! ISFFH 2011 Call for Entries

call_for_entries_2011_webThe International Student Film Festival Hollywood (ISFFH) is  now accepting submissions for its 9th annual Film and Video Competition. The  Festival will be held in the NoHo Arts District of North Hollywood, CA USA  November 5 – 6, 2011. The competition is open to students of all ages and  academic backgrounds. Submission deadline is August 31, 2011. More information  and entry forms are available on the festival website

Participants must be registered in elementary, junior high or  high school, community college, university, graduate or private film schools.  Students compete with their own peers (i.e. high school students will only  compete with other high school students) and the competition is open to  students of all ages and academic backgrounds.

Awards are presented to winners after their films are judged  by a panel of professional filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, actors,  distributors, agents, film critics and professors that comprise the jury. Films  go through an initial screening, are separated into genres, go before a panel  of preliminary judges, then on to the blue ribbon judges.

Hollywood is the capital city of the entertainment world. The  International Student Film Festival Hollywood is the only film festival that  embraces all ages from around the world, offering students the unique  opportunity to gain the recognition of film industry leaders creating career  development opportunities in their home countries as well as the United States.

The opportunities provided by the ISFFH not only benefit the  students, but the world community by bringing together people of diverse  cultures and differing viewpoints. ISFFH Founder and President, Robin Saban,  has been spending time in Europe promoting the Festival. He is currently in  collaboration with an International theatre in Vienna, Austria to screen ISFFH  student films.

The ISFFH is a non-profit  organization that relies on the generosity of others. Please visit  for donation and sponsorship opportunities.

We thank the following sponsors for supporting the next generation of  filmmakers. American Building Supply, Wells Fargo, CRA/LA, CISCorp, LA 411,  Marilyn Bradbury, Rotary Club of Studio City and Sherman Oaks, Gloria and Lou  Weintraub, Creative Handbook, Actors Certified Training, Movie Magic,  Production Hub,,, and

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