2012 ISFFH FEST WINNERS: “Hu’s Game” take top awards

10th Annual International Student Film Festival Hollywood November 17 – 18, 2012 Winners – Congratulations!



Grand Jury Award
Shaun Seong-young Kim
from USC, USA
for “Hu’s Game”

Written by Shaun Seong-young Kim

Best Drama
Tyson Breuer 

from Ryerson University, Canada
for “Three Small Words “

Written by Tyson Breuer

Best Musical
Grant Reed
from Chapman University, USA
for “Incest! The Musical”

Written by Grant Reed

Best Animation
Wen Huang
from USC, USA
for “The Seventh Star”

Written by Wen Huang

Best Silent Film
Laurel Cohen
from Northwestern University, USA
for “Jonah and the Crab

Written by Laurel Cohen

Best Documentary
Debra A. Hill
from Saddleback College, USA
for “From Bullets to Bubbles…”

Written by Debra A. Hill

Best Suspense/Thriller
Venkat Krishnan
from Loyola Marymount University, USA
for “Shark”

Written by Venkat Krishnan

Best Sci-Fi 
Justin S. Lee
for “Iris”

Written by Justin S. Lee

Best Foreign Language Comedy
Tal Reinan
from Kibbutzim College, Israel
for “Holiday of the Holidays”

Written by Tal Reinan and Merav Cohen

Best Foreign Language Experimental
Tsvetan Naydenov
from NAFTA, Bulgaria
for “Choice”

Written by Tsvetan Naydenov

Best Foreign Language Silent Film
Gabriel Boholt
from Hyperion Faculty of Arts, Romania
for “Poppies of Bolero”

Written by Gabriel Boholt

Best Foreign Language High School Documentary
Adaya Cohen
from Rothberg High School, Israel
for “Won’t Stop Walking”

Written by Reut Meir and Adaya Cohen

Best Foreign Language High School Comedy
Nadav Gazuntheit
from Ironi-Hey High School, Israel
for “Nurd Strike – Plague of the Geeks”

Written by Nadav Gazuntheit and Li Levi

Best Foreign Language High School Drama
Nofar Shaoni
from Nofey Golan High School, Israel
for “Behind Her Eyes”

Written by Yuval Malka

Best High School Animation
Chi Keung Wong
from Yung Yau College, Hong Kong
for “Snub-nosed Elf”

Written by Ngo Yin Ip and Man Ho Wan

Best High School Comedy
Alexander Haney
from Harvard-West Lake School, USA 
for “Bookstore”

Written by Alexander Haney

Best High School Dark-Comedy
Shobhit Jain
from Somerville High School, USA 
for “Me, Myself, & I”

Written by Shobhit Jain

Best High School Drama
Nicole Provost
from W.J. Mouat Secondary, USA 
for “Never Ever ”

Written by Nicole Provost

Best High School Action
Michael Munro
from Calabasas High School, USA 
for “Two Towns From Mexico”

Written by Michael Munro

Best High School Suspense/Thriller 
Jared Rosenthal
from High School of American Studies, USA 
for “Monitor”

Written by Jared Rosenthal and Cosmo Scharf

Best High School Fantasy 
Gregory Eagan
from Saint Ann’s Schooll, USA 
for “About the Size of a Human Heart”

Written by Gregory Eagan

Best High School PSA 
Jared Harris
from Calabasas High School, USA 
for “Don’t Tempt Fate: That Text Can Wait”

Written by Jared Harris and Daniel Debach

Best Junior High School Animation
Chak Fung Ip
from Yung Yau College, Hong Kong 
for “Make a Difference”

Written by Ka Yung Cheung and Wing Hang Chan

Best Junior High School Musical
Jacob Gisbert and Alexa Zwickel
from Lakewood Christian Middle School, USA 
for “Magical Fresno”

Written by Lakewood Christian Middle School
Song Writing Class

Best Junior High School PSA
Charles Blecker
from SF Art & Film, USA 
for “Siren”

Written by Charles Blecker

Best Junior High School PSA 
Jacob Gisbert and Alexa Zwickel
from Lakewood Christian Middle School, USA 
for “Flea on Trial”

Best Junior High School Documentary 
Jeb Drew and Ajay Sharma
from Lora Batchelor Middle School, USA 
for “George Taliaferro: A Hoosier Legend”

Written by Jeb Drew and Ajay Sharma

Best Elementary School Animation 
PK Keith
from Exceptional Minds, USA 
for “Animal Birthday Party”

Written by PK Keith

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