Best Drama
Zac Petrillo
from Chapman University, USA
for “Between the Shadows”

Written by Joshua Krenz and Zac Petrillo

Best Period Piece Drama
Sarah R. Lotfi

from University of Colorado, USA
for “The Last Bogatyr”

Written by Sarah R. Lotfi

Best Children Drama
Kelvin Redvers
from Simon Fraser University, Canada
for “Kid’s Court

Written by Kelvin Redvers

Best Children Comedy
Cameron Sawyer
from Chapman University, USA
for “She’s A Fox”

Written by Cameron Sawyer

Best Comedy Drama
Nick Conedera
from Chapman University, USA
for “T.V.”

Written by Nick Conedera

Best Comedy
Ora Yashar
from Chapman University, USA
for “Melting The Snowman”

Written by Ora Yashar

Best Comedy Short
Max Sokoloff
from sf Art & Film, USA
for “La La Love You”

Written by Max Sokoloff

Best Dark Comedy 
Justin Yngelmo

Written by Justin Yngelmo and Scott Cushman

Best Suspense/Thriller
Christopher Fernandez
from Chapman University, USA
for “Andre”

Written by Christopher Fernandez

Best Horror/Thriller
Joseph Albanese
from Chapman University, USA
for “Clemency”

Written by Joseph Albanese and Chris Frazier

Best Action
Nick Erickson
from Chapman University, USA
for “Palm County”

Written by Nick Erickson

Best Documentary
Nicole Zwiren
from Chapman University, USA
for “Denialism: the Death of AIDS”

Written by Nicole Zwiren

Best Animation
Jacob Frey and Harry Fast
from Filmakademie Akademiehof, Germany
for “Bob”

Written by Jacob Frey and Stefanie Ren

Best Foreign Language Drama
Karzan Kader
from Dramtiska Institutet, Sweden
for “Quan”

Written by Liselotte Starck and Karzan Kader

Best Foreign Language Period Piece
Hugo Lilja
from Dramtiska Institutet, Sweden
for “Altona”

Written by Robert Styrbjorn and Hugo Lilja

Best Foreign Language Comedy
Bar Akiva and Michal Tafla
from Ironi Hey, Israel 
for “Ride Out”

Written by Rotem Barak and Yulia Lillien

Best Foreign Language High School Drama
Lital Glam
from Tichon Hadera High School, Israel 
for “Rubik’s Cube”

Written by Lital Glam and Adi Pisahov

Best Foreign Language
High School Documentary
Omri Edri and Ina Pigalchuk
from Ironi Hey High School, Israel 
for “Silence Breaking”

Best High School Claymation
Brady Serwitz and Max Maddox
from Westlake High School, USA 
for “Bears”

Written by Brady Serwitz

Best High School Animation
Noah Schneider
from Media Enrichment Academy, USA 
for “Matajuro’s Training”

Best High School Musical
David Harris
from Menlo School , USA 
for “Decision Day: The Musical”

Written by David Harris and Drew Annis

Best High School Comedy
Elle Gold
from sf Art & Film , USA 
for “Bodice Rippers”

Written by Elle Gold

Best High School Drama
Toby Wosskow
from Lake Highland Preparatory School, USA 
for “Coming to Terms”

Written by Toby Wosskow

Best High School Suspense/Thriller
Andy Touchton
from Seffner Christian Academy, USA 
for “Visage”

Written by Andy Touchton

High School Most Socially Relevant Drama
Gabriella Evans and Trevor Wilson
from Grant High School, USA 
for “Someone to Love Me”

Written by Gabriella Evans

Best High School Experimental
Trevor Wilson
from Grant High School, USA 
for “Charlie”

Written by Trevor Wilson

Best Junior High School PSA 
Gabe Wheeler and Jacob Wheeler
from Lora Batchelor Middle School, USA 
for “Prescription Drug Abuse PSA”

Written by Gabe Wheeler and Jacob Wheeler

Best Junior High School Documentary 
Shane Spicer and Emily Ioannides
from Lora Batchelor Middle School , USA 
for “Mr. Rudkin: Our Hero”

Written by Emily Ioannides

Best Junior High School Animation 
Theo Godfrey-Cass
from Movies By Kids, USA 
for “The Adventures of Mr. Toast: Episode 1
“The Adventure to Become Toast”

Written by Theo Godfrey-Cass

Best Junior High School Claymation 
Jared Harris
from Movies By Kids, USA 
for “The Lost Shadow”

Written by Jared Harris

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