Grand Jury Award
David Jibladze
from Chapman University, USA
for “Beholden”

Written by David Jibladze
Open Your Eyes

Best Drama
Susan Cohen

from American Film Institute, USA
for “Open Your Eyes”

Written by Susan Cohen


Best Children Drama
Phillip Austin Wilson
from San Diego State, USA
for “Rocket

Written by Phillip Austin Wilson


Best Comedy
Nadia Hamzeh
from Chapman University, USA
for “Fiasco”

Written by Nadia Hamzeh


Best Dark Comedy
Carles Torrens
from Chapman University, USA
for “Delaney”

Written by Carles Torrens

The 4th

Best Horror/Thriller
eNKee Nguyen
from Raffles International College, Vietnam
for “The 4th”

Written by eNKee Nguyen and Nhu Anh

S.S. Humanity

Best Sci-Fi
Matthew Ladensack
from Chapman University, USA
for “S.S. Humanity”

Written by Matthew Ladensack

One Sister at a Time

Best Documentary 
Deborah Craig and Veronica Deliz
San Francisco State, USA
for “One Sister at a Time:
Positive Women’s Stories”

Written by Deborah Craig and Veronica Deliz


Best Animation
Robby Sanguinetti 
from sf Art & Film , USA
for “Mushroom”

Written by Robby Sanguinetti

In the Dark

Best Foreign Language Drama
Alex Fazeli
from USC, USA
for “In the Dark”

Written by Tom Westfall and Alex Fazeli


Best Foreign Language Drama
Per Hanefjord 
from Dramatiska institutet Valhallavaagen,Sweden
for “Elkland”

Written by Per Hanefjord

A Long Way Down

Best Foreign Language
High School Drama
Lior Levi and Shay Eyal
from Ironi-Hey High School, Israel
for “A Long Way Down”

Written by Inbar Arman


Best Foreign Language
High School Documentary
Tomer Buskila
from Ironi-Hey High School, Israel
for “Shay-El”

Written by Eliran Yaakov

Between Two Worlds

Best Foreign Language
High School Documentary
Nina Kardashov
from Tichon Hadera, Israel
for “Between Two Worlds”

You and I are About to Die

Best Foreign Language
High School Dark Comedy
Idan Shamay
from The Hebrew Reali School, Israel
for “You and I are About to Die”

Written by Idan Shamay and Mor Lifhits

Super Gecko!

Best High School Animation
Yuko Takeoka
from Heritage Woods Secondary, Canada 
for “Super Gecko!”


Best High School Claymation
Max Maddox and Brady Serwitz
from Movies By Kids, USA 
for “Lucky”

Written by Max Maddox and Brady Serwitz

2 People

Best High School Comedy
Adam Buchsbaum
from Thousand Oaks High School, USA 
for “2 People ”

Written by Adam Buchsbaum

In The Dark

Best High School Drama
Sam Medina
from Catalina Foothills High School, USA 
for “In The Dark”

Written by Sam Medina


Best High School Documentary
Emma Strebel
from The Urban School
of San Francisco, USA 
for “Omer”


Best High School Music Video 
Kerry Furrh
from Wheaton North High School, USA 
for “Hideaway”

Written by Kerry Furrh and Nichole Stratton

Listen To the Truth

Best High School PSA
Brendan Michaelson
from Bloomington High School South , USA 
for “Listen to the Truth”

Written by Brendan Michaelson

Letters to Lincoln

Best Junior High School Drama
Robert Rickert
from Lora Batchelor Middle School, USA 
for “Letters to Lincoln”

Written by Robert Rickert

Homelessness in the United States

Best Junior High School Documentary
Sarah Marshall and Rose Johnson
from Lora Batchelor Middle School, USA 
for “Homelessness in the United States”

Written by Sarah Marshall and Rose Johnson

The Lie

Best Junior High School Music Video 
Joshua James
from Lakewood Christian Schools, USA 
for “The Lie”

Written by LCS Song Writing Class

The Resister

Best Junior High School Docu-Animation 
Noah Schneider
from Media Enrichment Academy , USA 
for “The Resister”

Written by Noah Schneider

Astronuts: Lunar Mission

Best Junior High School Animation 
Kaya Ogmen
from Heritage Woods Secondary, Canada 
for “Astronuts: Lunar Mission”

Written by Conal Harris and Hayley Vickers


Best Junior High School Claymation 
Jared Harris
from Movies By Kids, USA 
for “Fabio”

Written by Jared Harris

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